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Environment Canada’s Current Weather, Radar and Satellite

written by Andrey Mirtchovski
© 2007-2013

These widgets aim to provide useful information from web sites without having to fully parse their HTML and reload them every time. Just a mouse-throw away, these widgets should give you all you need while procrastinating and thinking about the next gear purchase, or the next ski trip :)

This is free software. You are free to use these widgets without any charges for as long as you want. If you feel generous, your donation of $5CAD, or any other sum, will help me improve the existing widgets and create new ones.

To install download the widget, uncompress, right-click and select Open.

Canadian Weather Information from Weather Office's Web Site. The default OSX weather widget differs wildly between what it reports and the values given by the definitive Canada weather source: Environment Canada's Weather Office web site. This widget incorporates all the available Weather Office information including Weather Warnings, Air Quality Information, Weather Watches, Humidex and Windchill information and, now, 7-day forecasts!


- Double-click on the main panel to switch between text and graphical forecasts.

- Windchill (when present) is displayed under the current temperature in blue

- Humidex (when present) is displayed under the current temperature in red

- Current weather image (when present for the location)

- Weather warnings result in the location to be displayed in red

- Clicking on the location text will take you to the web page provided by Weather Office

- A pop-up menu in the back allows the user to set what interval the widget updates at if it is constantly displayed.

- Selecting the “Default location” checkbox will cause this location to be remembered as the default for WeatherOffice, i.e., when a new widget is loaded it will always display this location instead of asking you to select one yourselves. Local per-widget preferences are still honoured if you have more than one widget running at the same time.

  1. -Air quality information: for locations for which Weather Office reports Air Quality Information (Toronto, for example) the current temperature reading will be colored according to the color scheme that Weather Office uses for pollution (link): blue means low, red means high.

  2. -Mouse-over the temperature to see the current AQHI (for reported locations only)

  3. -When Warning or Watch is in effect, mouse-over the city name to see the type of warning, or click to go to the warning or watch page

The widget supports English and French locales.

Note: This widget has not been endorsed by WeatherOffice or Environment Canada in any way. Please read the Copyright information linked to by the widget.

Latest version: 6.0

6.0: Support for night weather forecasts

What’s new in this version


canadian weather forecast

This widget displays an animation of the latest satellite images of North and South america, including the North Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Separately, all radar coverage for Canada can also be viewed as an animation, including multi-province zones such as the Pacific or Maritimes. 6-hour models for the Upper atmosphere air circulation are also made available.

Users can choose how fast the images rotate, how many images an animation includes and which area will be displayed. The size of the displayed image is also  adjustable.

Latest version: 2.11

2.11: Stations can have longer names

2.10: Fixed broken satellite images

2.9: EC Changed something. This fixes that

2.8: EC removed small-sized images and added a few more radar images, mostly from the Arctic

2.7: EC redesigned their website, accomodate them

2.6: Environment Canada changed the location (and the quality) of the images. The new images are dreadfully low contrast, so we switched back to the old ones. Thanks to Michael B Pawluk for figuring out where the old ones were!

2.5: With the great help of Michael B Pawluk the widget support the modified Environment Canada radar stations. This includes:

  1. -selectable radar overlays

  2. -faster graphics (support for 125ms switching between images)

  3. -significantly reduced network usage (most images are cached locally)

  4. -significantly reduced demand on Environment Canada’s website.

2.3: Fix for changed HTML on Environment Canada’s site

2.1: Upper air circulation and preliminary/complete models added.

2.0: McGill near Montreal was incorrectly put in Nova Scotia. Fixed.

1.9: Changed website location to new site at

1.7: Enabled road, city and other overlays for individual stations

1.6: Added support for displaying individual stations

1.5: Improved version checking

1.4: Even better Info button placement.

1.3: Moved the info button to the top left, where it will be more visible.

1.2: Added support for Radar images for entire Canada and composites of Pacific, Prairies, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic sections. No single radar stations yet.

1.1: Initial release.

environment canada satellite, Radar and Forecast Model imageS


What’s new in this version

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