some code i’ve written here and there
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widgets for apple’s Dashboard/code/environment.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0

Random code for the Inferno operating system, iMovie plugins, a game and just general stuff that I’ve done.

Widgets that I find useful in my daily life. Contains answers to the frequently asked questions: What’s the skiing weather in Calgary?

Plan 9
LANL’s  Plan 9 web page

Code for the Operating System that Refuses to Die: Plan 9 from Bell-Labs. I used to be (and perhaps still am) very involved in it, although I was never at the right core of the kernel development. I ported some code, wrote some games, a driver here and there, fixed bugs and generally enjoyed my time with this lovely OS.

Back in the old days I used to be a student/intern at LANL’s Advanced Computing Laboratory, which was involved in evaluating Plan 9 as a viable operating system for High-Performance Computing. A web page built from the people there contained a lot of information about Plan 9, especially in the early stages of its public releases. I have decided to keep that page alive for historical reasons. Back then the future was bright, and we all hoped there’s a chance for Plan 9, but that was before Google gobbled up all its developers and the US decided that Computer Science in HPC is a solved problem.

Open Source

Most of my code now resides on the open web collaboration platforms:

  1. -Github