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2011-09-Fall Paragliding, Takakkaw Falls, Banff Gondola
2011-08-28-Zoo Calgary Zoo
2011-07-30-BC British Columbia's lake Kokanusa on a busy weekend
2011-04-22 There is snow on them mountains!
2011-04-08-SSV There is snow on them mountains!
2011-04-02-Snow Spring snowstorms in Calgary
2011-03-Mia Mia at 18 months, plus a brand new camera.
2010-09-27-Calgary Fall in Calgary, AB, Canada
2010-08-14-Emerald Emerald lake, Mia investigates some glacial streams.
2010-08-Besnard Besnard, Northern Saskatchewan
2010-07-01_04-Salmon_Arm Mia's first camping trip at Salmon Arm.
2010-06-13-Prairie_View Prairie View trail again, this time to the top.
2010-04-18-SSV April skiing at Sunshine Village, AB, Canada
2010-04-17-BC South-east British Columbia highway survey.
2010-04-04-Prairie_View First proper hike with Mia in Alberta's Kananaskis Country
2010-02-Mia First swimming lessons for Mia
2010-02-07 Our first canadian experience as permanent residents (visit to Canmore for the World Cup Cross-country skiing championship, then some Kananaskis stoke, then some Ghost lake kite-skiing)
2010-01-16-LL A very good day at Lake Louise
2010-01-10-Bowmont Mia and friends, 2.0
2010-01-02 Mia and friends
2009-12-Xmas Christmas walks in snowy Calgary
2009-12-29-Banff The frozen lakes around Banff
2009-12-18-Mia Mia
2009-11-11-LL Ski season opener in 40cm of new at Lake Louise
2009-09-26-Lake_Louise Mia's first walk in the Canadian Rockies
2009-08-01-Upper_Kananaskis_Lake Upper Kananaskis Lake, just a gentle stroll...
2009-07-04-Grotto_Falls Indian petroglyphs at Grotto Falls near Canmore
2009-06-27-Barrier_Creek Stroll at the Kananaskis field station's Barrier Creek loop
2009-05-3031-Mountains A guided tour of the canadian rockies (we were the guides :)
2009-05-10-Frank_Lake Accidental visit to the Frank Lake bird sanctuary. Good thing we brought a camera.
2009-04-26-SSV Winter is not done at Sunshine Village, Alberta, Canada too.
2009-04-18-Kananaskis Winter is not done yet in Kananaskis Country, Alberta, Canada
2009-04-14-Lake_Louise Perhaps the last powder-like snow of the season for Lake Louise.
2009-04-11_12-BC Another South-eastern BC highway and wildlife survey :)
2009-03-21-Minnewanka Did anyone say sping was here?
2009-03-18-SSV Dust-on-crust at Sunshine Village, Banff, Alberta, Canada
2009-01-18-Chain_Lakes Ice fishing at Chain Lakes
2008-12-Revelstoke Four days in paradise: Revelstoke Mountain Resort during a good snowfall week.
2008-12-07-SSV First powder of the season at Sunshine Village, Alberta, Canada
2008-11-23-Elbow_Falls Photography at Elbow Falls
2008-11-14-Lake_Louise Ski season opener on the Weewaxi 500, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada
2008-11-08-Kananaskis Late-late fall in Kananaskis
2008-10-11-Emerald_Lodge Emerald Lake Lodge in the fall
2008-09-27-Boom_Lake Boom Lake, a beautiful easy hike. A perfect way to get snowed on in September.
2008-09-20-Highwood_Pass Larches in fall colours at Highwood Pass in Kananaskis Country.
2008-08-30_09-01-Jasper End of summer camping at Jasper National Park
2008-08-22_24-Takkakaw_Falls Camping and hiking around Takkakaw Falls in Yoho National Park
2008-08-16-Moraine_lake Canoeing at Moraine Lake near Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies.
2008-08-02-Ha-Ling 810m in 2h30m, up to 2407m above sea level
2008-07-29-Garden Our terrace-potted garden :)
2008-07-27-Chester A fine day at Chester Lake
2008-07-01-Canada_Day The day of Canada spent like true canadians: away from everybody and everything :)
2008-06-14_15-BC Interior BC Highway Survey
2008-06-08-Chester_Lake Early June snow adventures.
2008-05-19-Salmon_Arm Long-weekend camping at beautiful Salmon Arm, British Columbia
2008-05-11-SSV Last ski day of the season in Sunshine Village
2008-05-04-Station_Flats Hike to a small sub-peak in Kananaskis
2008-04-12_13-Banff A little birthday gift of Banff :)
2008-04-10-Snow A little birthday gift of snow
2008-04-06-SSV canadian spring skiing at its finest.
2008-03-22-Heart_Creek a stroll around heart creek.
2008-03-02-Hogarth_Lakes snowshoeing at Hogarth Lakes, Kananaskis
2008-02-18-Johnston_Canyon in the wintery hold of Johnston_Canyon
2008-02-15-Kananaskis escaping the heat and snow-seeing at Kananaskis
2008-01-12-Banff Couple of pictures from Banff and surrounding mountains.
2007-12-30-Elbow_Falls First touristy trip out since we came back to Canada: Elbow Falls in Kananaskis Country.
2007-12-snow Snow in our back yard
2007-12-02-Wolf_Creek Ski season opener at Wolf Creek, after some 120cm of new snow
2007-11-10-Zurich-Engelberg-Titlis Traveling to Engelberg and up the gondola to the Titlis glacier (high winds and snow prevented any decent pictures)
2007-11-08-Zurich Sightseeing around Zurich downtown and the Kunsthaus museum
2007-10-27-Kasha-Katuwe Kasha-Katuwe National Monument
2007-10-21-snow first snow of the season...
2007-09-01-Pecos mushroom-hunting in Pecos Wilderness
2007-08-Bulgaria bi-annual visit to Bulgaria :)
2007-07-14-Lightning lightning hits 15m from our house
2007-06-29_07-01-Aspen camping and hiking in Aspen valley and Independence Pass
2007-06-17_23-Santa_Clara a week in Santa Clara, most pictures are from Monterey
2007-05-26-McCauley_Hot_Springs how we spent an afternoon and the next day :)
2007-05-12-House a surprise visit by some wildlife in our back yard
2007-05-04-Karting karting with a 125cc kart that dean just bought
2007-04-13_15-Grand_Canyon our trip to the Grand Canyon
2007-03-30-Snow winter's back!
2007-02-16-Pajarito skiing
2007-02-14-Pajarito side-country skiing
2007-02-09-Ancho_Rapids winter hiking with Petya in Los Alamos' wilderness
2007-01-31-Snow this is the best winter for snow in a long time here. really enjoying all the whiteness!
2006-12-01-Wolf_Creek skiing at Wolf Creek; movies
2006-11-11_17-Florida A week in Florida
2006-11-03-Wolf_Creek skiing at Wolf Creek; movies
2006-10-28-Karting driving karts in albuquerque. petya's first lap a full session with Petya driving
2006-10-27-Wolf_Creek ski season opener at Wolf Creek
2006-10-06_09-Carlsbad_Caverns caving at carlsbad caverns in the southern end of new mexico
2006-09-23-Pajarito Downhill Mountain Biking during Ullr-Fest at Pajarito
2006-09-16-Great_Sand_Dunes Skiing on sand in Colorado
2006-08-25-Evans Mount Evans, 4348m above sea level. the highest road in north america
2006-08-19-Pecos Picking Mushrooms in Pecos Wilderness
2006-08-11_13-Pecos Pecos wilderness camping, and an attempt at Jicarita Peak, 3912m
2006-08-05-Gradina Our garden in the rainy season.
2006-07-28-Bayo Biking the Bayo Canyon trail in the outskirts of Los Alamos
2006-07-22-Mitchell Hiking the Mitchell trail in the outskirts of Los Alamos
2006-06-24-Lake_Peak lake peak and deception peak
2006-06-16-Pajarito biking at Pajarito
2006-05-27-Nambe We finished off what we started a month ago: we went to Nambe Lake. 11km, 580m uphill, highest elevation: 3500m.
2006-05-13-Pajarito Climbing to the top of Pajarito Mountain, 3189m.
2006-05-06-Cerro_Grande We went to Cerro Grande Peak, altitude 3109m.
2006-04-29-Nambe An attempt to reach Nambe Lake in very unusual New Mexico weather :)
2006-04-21-Los_Alamos-Bike Biking the trails around Los Alamos
2006-04-0709-Four_Corners April 07-09 2006: 1700km around Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico
2006-03-24-Taos Skiing at Taos, New Mexico
2006-03-10-Taos Skiing at Taos, New Mexico
2006-02-03-Quemazon Interesna puteka iz planinite okolo Los Alamos
2006-01-16-Bandelier indian ruins at the Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico
2006-01-13_15-Wolf_Creek three days of skiing in Wolf Creek, Colorado (movies here)
2006-01-09-East_Fork hiking the East Fork trail in the Jemez mountains
2005-12-2006-01-Bulgaria christmas and new year in bulgaria
2005-11-25-Wolf_Creek first day of resort skiing for us (wolf creek, colorado)
2005-10-30-Los_Alamos-Hike hiking around our back yard
2005-10-08-Ptarmigan_Cirque hiking on Ptarmigan Cirque and Highwood Pass with Hristo, a friend from the Bulgarian Extreme and Freeride Ski Association
2005-09-25-Goat_Glacier An unsuccessful attempt to visit Old Goat Glacier
2005-09-24-Ptarmigan_Cirque Ptarmigan cirque and a few larches in fall colours
2005-09-18-Calgary_Zoo We went to the Calgary Zoo
2005-09-17-Rae_Glacier Early season backcountry skiing
2005-09-0205-Jasper Jasper National Park, September 2, 3, 4, 5, 2005 ( kratki filmcheta)
2005-08-0507-Waterton Three days around Lake Waterton near the US border.
2005-07-29-RundleAn easy scramble up the east side of Mt Rundle. Total elevation gain: 875m
2005-07-Vancouver_IslandA camping trip to Vancouver Island, Victoria and the rest
2005-06-26-Powderface Biking on powderface road
2005-06-18-Calgary-Flood The great flood of Calgary
2005-06-05-InkPots Johnston Canyon and the Ink Pots nearby Lake Louise
2005-05-30-Calgary-Bike biking in Calgary
2005-05-21-BC A three-day camping trip to the lakes of the British Columbia Rocky Mountains. Some wine tasting, some cold-water swimming and lots of sightseeing (total trip 1400km)
2005-04-24 Hiking up to Chinaman's Peak -- 2300m
2005-04-15-Sunshine Sunshine
2005-04-10-Sunshine Rozhden den na Sunshine
2005-02-20-Sunshine Ski na Sunshine
2004-12-Christmas Koleda (Christmas) 2004
2004-11-Banff early season skiing in Sunshine and Lake Louise
2004-07-JasperPictures around Banff and Jasper national parks
2004-07-Bulgaria Bulgaria
2004-06-Saskatoon Golfing, Fishing, Sightseeing in Saskatchewan.