Art is an interactive program to create precise line-art in
          the style of pic(1). It is mostly mouse-operated, with a few
          commands entered from the keyboard.  It divides its window
          into four areas: a menu bar at the top, a one-line rectangle
          immediately below for echoing typed-in characters, another
          one-line rectangle below that for printing messages, and a
          large area at the bottom for displaying the drawing.  The -b
          option displays the specified picture (in the format of
          picfile(9.6)) as a background for the drawing.


Send me email for download, not sure if I can put the source on the web.




The mouse arrow doesn't render properly at some depths (example visible in the snapshot), it's fine in drawterm, but there you won't see arcs rendered properly.
Moving a line across the screen draws background color over other lines and menus.

Last Modified: September 30, 2004
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