Solid state (i.e. no moving parts) cluster beast for Plan 9

This is a small 4-node Plan 9 cluster that, I'm proud to say, I have played a small part in configuring...

The nodes are diskless Plan 9 cpu servers booting from an IBM T21 laptop using LinuxBios-enhanced 9load. (The changes made to the 9load image are explained in the Plan 9 Wiki).

Boards are PCM-5823, from
The top two parts: top is a POST card, from
The next is a five-port Ethernet SWITCH, not hub!
The blue wire goes to the T21.

This little beast can fit in your hat! And has no moving parts..

Nice packaging -- you can stick a post card in to display flashy digits if you feel like it! (also tells you whether the nodes are moving at all, useful for debugging)

Ron playing god on the server...

And stats showing the four nodes alive and well...

Last Modified: May 30 2003
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