epic - an irc client for Plan 9, with termcap and not running in dumb mode

This is a port of the epic client for Plan 9. What's different between this port and others is that this port can actually use the 'vt' program to provide what almost, but not entirely, looks unlike a unix terminal irc client.
Download: epic.tgz
Installation: only requirement is to copy termcap.src from termcap-1.3.1/ to /lib/termcap (doing a "mk install" in that directory would copy it for you). The configuration and scripts directories are located in /tmp. I believe it'll pick your .ircrc from there too.
To run:
	plan9% vt
	plan9% epic yournick yourserver:port
Usual environment variables apply, I believe. If the window isn't sized properly run the 24x80 command via the vt middle-button menu.
Warning: this client is for relatively advanced users. You're free to build a control(2)-driven gui client on top of it if you want (it runs fine in dumb mode) :)

Last Modified: August 8, 2004
mirtchovski at gmail