GMake -- a port of gnu make, 3.81


I needed to compile a few files which used some weird gmake tricks on which ape/make choked, most notably stuff of the type $(SOMETHING:.c=.h): something.else. Rather than fixing the Makefile or fixing ape/make I went the easy route and ported gmake.


make-3.81.tgz -- source, 2MB.


    % hget | gunzip | tar xv
    % cd make-3.81
    % mk
    % mk install
This will put a single binary called gmake in $objtype/bin


The only thing that I consistently find bothersome is the fact that all makefiles generated with configure redefine the SHELL variable, invariably as /bin/sh. Since A solution is to either run gmake in the ape/psh shell or change the variable to /bin/ape/psh.


The original source is GNU. The Plan 9 driver is IDCLMA (I Don't Care, Leave Me Alone).

Last Modified: July 26, 2007
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