Plan 9 for bioinformatics

This is a project that I was involved with as an undergrad -- I wanted to prove that working with Plan 9 is easier than trying to code everything for Linux. I also wanted to show that the Simplicity, Clarity and Generality of the Plan 9 operating system are perfect for senior undergraduates in Computer Science, because the code can be easily comprehended.

The whole exercise was heavily influenced by "The Practice of Programming" by Brian Kernighan and Rob Pike. Make sure you read it if you're into Computer Science -- this is the best book to teach you proper programming techniques.
Available at (2.8MB) -- in PostScript format (best view)
p9bl.pdf (0.7MB) -- in PDF format (warning, misses first page)
P9BL.ppt (1.8MB) -- in PowerPoint format, if you have windows handy, also viewable in OpenOffice

Last Modified: Aug 24, 2003
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