A modified etherrhine.c for 9load

Download: etherrhine.c ethermii.h ethermii.c
These files allow 9load to use a Rhine II card for bootp. You can drop them in /sys/src/boot/pc. The modifications to ether.c and mkfile in order for this to work are:
    # yesterday -d mkfile
    diff /n/dump/2003/1128/sys/src/boot/pc/mkfile /sys/src/boot/pc/mkfile
    >       ethermii.$O\
    >       etherrhine.$O\
    > ethermii.$O etherrhine.$O:    ethermii.h
    # yesterday -d ether.c
    diff /n/dump/2003/1128/sys/src/boot/pc/ether.c
    > extern int rhinepnp(Ether *);
    >       { "rhine", rhinepnp, 0, },
The driver is a slightly modified version of Aki Nyrhinen's etherrhine.c, the bugs are mine. I used this to load a 9pcdisk kernel onto one of the ituner boxes which arrived today. I have to say the little machines make perfect (silent!) cpu servers and should make even better terminals if we can get VGA to work on them. For those who care, the 533MHz processor shows 1000 bogomips under linux.
Last Modified: Nov 30 2003
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