Plan 9 port of the Unifont GNU unicode font package

Ramon de Vera supplied an updated version of the Vera fonts which have more glyphs. Updated .tgz file thanks to him!

Thanks to Scott Schwartz for notifying of the availability of the Bitstream Vera font package under a free use license. The fonts here are converted using the ttf2subf program available as part of the freetype port done by Latchezar Ionkov. I have only created size 14 fonts to save space. See the ttf2subf(1) man page for information on how to create other sizes.

This font does not have good coverage of the unicode spectrum! In fact it is mostly (if not only) usable with latin and cyrillic characters.

The original fonts, including the license they're under can be found at

Contents of the archive (fonts size 14 and TTF files used to generate them):


vera.tgz (473KB) -- contains normal, bold, italic and monospaced fonts.


Simply uncompress the fonts in /lib/font/bit and change $font to the one you'd like to use.


Last Modified: April 17, 2007
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