silly java page #1:

here are some very uninteresting programs i have written in java. 
java is (naturally) not my programming language of choice... i prefer to 
mangle with C and generally avoid the whole OOP crap. you can call me old 
fashioned.  these here have been implementations of some of my assignments 
for the graphic course i took in fall 2000 semester. with the luck that i 
have, the class just switched from OpenGL to Java3D, so i had to spend all
this time writing slow and unclean code in ja*cough*va.

well, hopefully some day this will get filled up with nice opengl
implementations of whatever i am forced to write in java :) until then
try opening those silly programs with non-windows java-enabled browser
and send me a message if you succeed (i'd like to know how it's done)...

Colliding galaxies -- simple port of the very famous xscreensaver hack
	(source, source, source,)

Curve (KypBa?) -- Generating curves using midpoint algorithm
	(source, source optimized (hehe))

Different Halftoning Algorithms implemented (Dot Diffusion, Floyd-Steinberg, etc)

Bouncing balls -- name says it all (warning: requires java3d plugin) 

A very simple twist of some opengl programs i 
have seen... requires IRIX to compile (unless you have GL/device.h)

Sierpinski's gasket in 2d  
Sierpinski's gasket in 3d  
Sierpinski's gasket in 3d (using cubes) 


For the opengl programs go here: opengl demos